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Climate Change Economics aims to bring social cost benefit analysis to projects run by our clients. We hope that by exposing the underlying economic fundamentals we can inform the debate on the range of available options.

The insight of an insider

Our USP is the experience and knowledge that Peter Roscoe has gained as a senior economist with the British Government. His familiarity of policy-making in Climate Change from the inside gives him a unique perspective that can be used to the benefit of his clients.

His body of work includes the following:

Peter Roscoe

Peter Roscoe is from Lancashire in North West England and was educated at Bolton School and the University of London.

Economics has been a life-long interest, ignited when his mother started passing newspaper clippings to him at an early age.

He pursued his education at the London School of Economics after receiving reports of the ‘punk economics’ being taught there – particularly by Michio Morishima, his future father-in-law.

Particular areas of expertise

Examples of services we can offer

Current interests

Further activities include lectures and seminars at Imperial College, London and University of Surrey as well as research on the factors influencing energy market transitions.

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